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The Coordinator in the time of the pandemic led the General Meeting of NEON (National Energy Ombudsmen Network)

On 14th October, 2020 and 02nd December, 2020 there was a general meetings NEON (National Energy Ombudsmen Network).

The meetings was chaired by the president of the association  Mr. Janusz Gwiazdowski - the Coordinator for negotiations at the President of the ERO (hereinafter referred to as the "Coordinator").

The meetings were conducted remotely due to the pandemic.

In these challenging times, it was possible to organize good cooperation, continue substantiating work and respond to the challenges of the new reality.

The General Meetings NEON – after the recommendation of the association’s board -  due to the crisis COVID-19, decided to reduce the member contribution for 2021. The contribution has been reduced to 2/3 amount of 2020. Also, the General Meeting adopted an action plan for the first half of 2021.

On the Coordinators initiative, adoption provision was inducted to the article of association. The changes were related to, among others, Brexit and made it possible to obtain a statute of a member of the association for states of the Council of Europe.


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