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How to file a motion?

A letter submitted to the Coordinator with the intention to carry out the procedure for an out-of-court resolution of a consumer dispute (hereinafter referred to as ADR Proceeding), in order to be considered an appropriate motion to the Coordinator, should be submitted either writing (delivered to the address: Koordynator ds. negocjacji przy Prezesie Urzędu Regulacji Energetyki, ul. Towarowa 25a, 00-869 Warszawa) or via the electronic platform of public administration services (ePUAP) or via contact form on the website maintained by the Coordinator and contain the following elements:

  1. a designation of the parties;
  2. a precisely specified demand, together with its underlying reason;
  3. indication of the amount in controversy set as a specified amount in Polish Zlotys;

    NOTE: When using the form on the Coordinator's website, additionally, the following should be attached, signed with a qualified electronic signature, trusted profile or other equivalent form (e.g. electronic ID card:
  • Application and
  • statements referred to in § 3 sec. 4 points 7 and 8 of the Regulations
  1. an indication of the type of a proceeding, i.e.: including a request to conduct a proceeding aimed at bringing together the parties’ approach in order to resolve the dispute by the parties, or a request for a proceeding to be conducted to present the parties with a proposal to resolve the dispute (one of the two);
  2. the petitioner’s signature.

For the initiation of proceedings before the Coordinator the following should be attached:

  6. an information whether one applied to the President of the Energy Regulatory Office with a motion for a dispute settlement pursuant to art. 8 sec. 1 of the Energy Law (for further information please read);

  7. a declaration whether the case for the same claim between the same parties is not pending or has not already been considered by another competent entity or a court;

  8. a copy of the correspondence regarding the dispute or a statement on attempt to contact the energy company for a direct settlement of the dispute, which took place no earlier than one year prior to filing a motion to the Coordinator;

  9. a copy of the contract between the recipient of gaseous fuels, electricity or heat in the household and the energy company, or between the prosumer who is a consumer and the energy company, or a copy of the last three bills;

  10. an information whether the petitioner consents to the transmit of:

  1. notices in the ADR Proceeding via e-mail;
  2. documents or information, including requests from the energy company, in paper or electronic form;

 11. a statement on familiarizing oneself with the Bye-laws, its acceptance and compliance with its provisions during the ADR Proceedings and after its completion;

 12. current e-mail address and telephone number of the parties and the petitioner’s customer number;

 13. a declaration of consent for the processing of personal data and providing other parties of ADR Proceedings with them;

 14. a copy of the application with attachments for the energy company –when filing an application in paper.

NOTE: When filing a paper application, before putting the documents into an envelope or submitting the documents in the ERO general office, please make sure that you enclosed an additional copy of that application as well as an additional copy of the attachments. The Coordinator nor the ERO do not copy documents.

Using the application form below will facilitate the submission of your application to the Coordinator and the initiation of the ADR Proceedings.

To secure your rights, please keep in mind that the application sent via the electronic form on the Coordinator's website should also be submitted in paper form (to the address: Koordynator ds. negocjacji przy Prezesie Urzędu Regulacji Energetyki, ul. Towarowa 25a , 00-869 Warszawa) or via the electronic platform of public administration services (ePUAP) for its legal effect.

I kindly ask for carefully completing the application in accordance with the references that are included in it and, if possible, not increasing the application's volume by more than two pages on which the template is placed.

Not striking through the incorrect content marked (*), as well as not filling the blanks or incorrect filling thereof may result in delays in processing the application and initiating the proceeding.

In case of any doubts or ambiguities, please contact us by telephone or e-mail to the contact details provided in the Contact tab.


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