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Coordinator’s competencies

The Coordinator for negotiations to the President of the Energy Regulatory Office (hereinafter referred to as the Coordinator) initiates proceedings regarding out-of-court resolution of a dispute upon application of motion of the recipient of gaseous fuel, electricity or heat in the household, or at the motion of the prosumer who is a consumer.

The Coordinator conducts a proceeding in the matter of a dispute which had arose between the above-mentioned applicant and the energy company, when the dispute arises from one of the following contracts:

  1. for electrical, gas or heating, grid connection, including connection of micro-installations,
  2. for the service of transmission or distribution of electricity or natural gas,
  3. for the service of transmission and distribution of heat,
  4. for sale,
  5. complex agreements;

if the value of the amoun in controversy is not less than 50 (in words: fifty) PLN and does not exceed 50,000 (in words: fifty thousand) PLN.


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